Capitol Imaging Services shares a very informative article that “simply” explains terms we hear or come across in regards to our health insurance. Insurance can be confusing and sometimes frustrating thing to understand, and often people throw up their hands in frustration. Use this article to become a bit better informed.

Capitol Imaging Services associates are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who can assist you in understanding the price, cost and charges for our exams. You will know before you visit what to expect in terms of any payment you may have to make if you have an insurance deductible.

If you call other providers such as a hospital, they may not be so accommodating. We’ve heard stories about people who were told that in order to get that information, they would have to schedule an appointment first! What???

A tool offered by Capitol Imaging Services provides the opportunity for people to request a price estimate for their exam. Our online form includes the opportunity to provide health insurance coverage information, which greatly assists us in producing as accurate an estimate as possible. Click here to obtain a price estimate.

Know before you go. If you don’t know what you might have to pay for a test, do you really want to go there?

Capitol Imaging Services serves the southeastern United States with over 20 independent imaging centers. These radiology practices not only perform the scan such as an MRI or CT, but also performs the radiology review and report that is sent directly to the medical provider ordering the testing. Because we are independent, we often lower out-of-pocket costs for people and for those with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that can add up to a huge healthcare cost savings.

Choose independent and save. Choose Capitol Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred.

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