stethoscope and moneyDIS shares an article regarding tips to help people figure out the cost of medical care BEFORE having anything done. It’s a well-written and easy-to-understand guideline that divides healthcare into two distinguished groups:


  1. Routine care
  2. Emergency care

The first group is fairly easy; the big-ticket stuff, less so, though you can do some things to help yourself.

In the article, the author writes:

If you think the prices are high, you may be right. Hospitals generally charge more for things like an MRI than a self-standing radiology center does. If your provider is offering a $2,300 MRI, you might feel comfortable asking if you could go to the place up the street that charges $500.

As we like to say, for the same exam in a non-emergency situation, and at the same, if not better, quality, why pay more by going to a hospital?

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