David Schlachter, VP Ops

Vice President of Operations

David Schlachter, VP Ops

David has dedicated the last 30 years of his work life to the field of diagnostic imaging. Starting with training as a radiologic technologist and quickly moving on to training as a magnetic resonance technologist, his ultimate goal was to manage imaging centers and that’s been his career experience for the past 24 years.

While health care has been the vehicle of his expression, his passion and motivating force has been his entrepreneurial drive to build something from nothing into a successful enterprise. After a short stint as a working technologist, David moved from Michigan to Billings, Montana to rescue a failing MRI center. Starting with 20 MRI’s a month, he was responsible for everything, including managing the center, scanning patients and marketing. Within two years, they were doing 250 MRI’s a month and the center was eventually purchased by a hospital.

Building on the Montana success, David took the position of director of operations for what at the time, was the largest privately held operator of outpatient imaging centers. That included a move to the Atlanta, Georgia area. Over a 13-year period, he directed and managed all aspects of opening, maintaining and ensuring the ongoing success of 15 imaging centers in eight states.

David became director of imaging in Ocala, Florida to start from scratch, a multi-modality imaging center. At the end of three years, all modalities were producing 900 MRI’s a month.

His current position with Capitol Imaging Services is vice president of operations for Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. His primary responsibility is the shepherding of newly acquired imaging centers into the CIS fold.

David has an associate degree in applied science and completed Michigan State University’s MRI program. He’s also a veteran of the U S Army.

David lives in Ocklawaha, FL with his wife of over 35 years, Ivonne Schlachter, and together enjoy spending time with twin sons Jakob and Joshua.  He enjoys buying, driving, working on, and selling sports cars including Porsches, Jaguars and Corvettes.  Another source of enjoyment is exploring the great outdoors, from the mountains of Montana and Colorado to the wonders of Costa Rica!