Just like a recent savings example we shared, we think the image above is exactly how a man felt when he was told by a Capitol Imaging Service associate that with his health insurance coverage and deductible, we were going to save him over 20% on an MRI exam.

His physician referred him to a local hospital. Upon conferring with the hospital, he found out that the fee for the MRI was going to be steep. He took the next step.

He inquired to Capitol Imaging Services about the type of exam needed and the fee that would be his responsibility to pay.

The details

For this savings story, this man received a recommendation to have an MRI of the lower extremity, specifically his knee joint, without the use of a contrast dye. This is a common exam we perform daily on MRI systems throughout the Capitol Imaging Services affiliate network.

We got to work on obtaining his information regarding his health insurance and performing a verification of his benefits. After the research and number crunching, we delivered him the great news:

His MRI was going to be over $200 less

We reiterate an important point. He is not skimping on quality of care or technology by choosing Capitol Imaging Services over the hospital. There is no special equipment or MRI at a hospital that does a superior job of imaging a joint. The results get back to the medical provider typically within one business day, often sooner.

In the area of MRI and advanced imaging, We will once again deliver on the medical and financial sides of health care.[The savings we are describing is just on the MRI test itself. Most, if not all, hospitals, also charge separately for the radiology reading and interpretation services. It’s an extra fee that most people do not anticipate.

When not an emergency or urgent situation, Capitol Imaging Services often lowers out of pocket costs for people by performing our exams at lower fees. For those with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that’s a major advantage.

Choose Capitol Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred.