Consumer frustration with the cost of medical care is at an all-time high as many purchasers of narrow-network, high deductible and high co-pay health plans are finding out that the benefits they get from their monthly insurance premiums are much more limited than they thought. One target of the ire is “surprise” medical bills for services such as radiology that a patient may receive from an out-of-network physician while either receiving emergency care or a planned treatment at an in-network facility.

In response, state legislators in nearly two dozen states are either considering or have already passed laws to protect patients from such unexpected bills.

What exactly is this “surprise?”

The surprise is in the form of an additional fee levied by hospitals for common and specialized imaging exams. Usually, the hospital has its own charge for the test. What most people don’t know is that the charge most often does not include the services of the radiologist who interprets the images and provides the results. Hospitals already have the reputation for being the most expensive place to have an imaging exam. On top of that, they stick people with an additional radiology charge.

These additional charges levied by hospitals and their radiology practices can be in the hundreds of dollars. The additional charge for radiology services at Capitol Imaging Services? $0. That’s one of the biggest benefits to choosing an independent radiology testing provider such as Capitol Imaging Services.

For every exam we perform, there is only one fee for all services. There is nothing else coming your way. One charge for everything we do.

In the continuing trend of high deductible health insurance plans, independent providers including imaging centers, physicians and laboratories can truly save people money on health care. It’s hard to believe for most, but it is most definitely true.

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