A person contacted Diagnostic Imaging Services, stating, “my doctor wants me to have a closed MRI, but I am too anxious. How does the quality/imagery compare from a closed to your 1.2T Open MRI? I am hoping to convince him to that option.”

Here was our reply:

“Hello (name) — we received your inquiry and want to thank you for contacting us. Your physician may have a reason for having the closed MRI, and it might depend upon the type of MRI needed. If it is what we refer to as a specialized type of MRI, such as one for the head, brain, spine or something joint related, or for conditions revolving around multiple sclerosis or evidence of a stroke, then he or she would feel that a closed MRI would provide better quality images.

Our open MRI is the strongest strength scanner of its type in southeast Louisiana. It’s been shown to beat older closed MRI systems both in quality and capability, and in fact may match or surpass newer systems in some areas. A person often chooses an open MRI because it’s more comfortable, more accommodating and more relaxing. When that happens, the exam time is shorter and you’re done more quickly.

Fortunately, at our Metairie center, we have both types of systems available. We have the 1.2T non claustrophobic MRI and a 3T closed ultra-high field MRI in the same building. 

If the physician is set upon a closed MRI, I would ask them to contact our radiology department to have a clinical discussion regarding our high field open unit and its capabilities. As an example, a few months ago, a doctor needed an MRI. This doctor insisted that it be done on the high field open MRI because he did not want to go into a tunnel.

Your doctor can call 504-459-3213 and ask to speak to a radiologist to have questions answered or to have a discussion.

The final option is that we provide the option for sedation so that patients can be calm and relaxed for the exam. If you went with this course, I believe you would need to have someone drive you home from the exam as we do not allow anyone who takes a sedative to drive after they are done with their appointment at DIS.

We look forward to being of service to you. I hope I have helped in your efforts to have an open MRI. The bottom line is that it is your healthcare, your choice and your money.”

DIS is the only imaging provider in this area that has a high field non claustrophobic open MRI and a 3-Telsa (3T) ultra high field closed MRI in one location. These systems are at our Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center in Metairie. We also have a 3T MRI at our Marrero – Avenue C location and an additional 1.2T high field open MRI at our Covington – Pinnacle Parkway facility.

All of our clinics are accredited in MRI by the American College of Radiology, meeting or exceeding the standards set for quality, patient safety, technology, reporting and expertise.

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