Investigators say a popular doctor in Michigan with more than thousand patients was telling people they had cancer even when

they didn’t, then treating them, all for the money. Prosecutors say he was giving chemotherapy to people who didn’t need it, some of whom didn’t have cancer at all, as part of an alleged $35 million fraud.

Dr. Farid Fata, a trusted oncologist, preyed on patients to pad his pockets, prosecutors say. Just last week the FBI hauled evidence from his offices in upscale Michigan neighborhoods. The charges against Fata are disturbing: “deliberate misdiagnosis of patients as having cancer,” giving “unnecessary chemotherapy,” even to “end-of-life patients who will not benefit.”

Experts say this is a good reminder to always be alert at the doctor’s office. They advise that you always get hard copies of your medical records and make sure to look them over. If you get a serious diagnosis like cancer, get a second opinion and bring those records with you.

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