In recent weeks, DIS has heard from women who claim that screening mammograms are “free”. This statement may be technically true, but for specific reasons.

If a woman has insurance coverage, per the Affordable Care Act, a screening mammogram is covered at 100 percent. However, if a woman is uninsured, in the vast majority of instances, a screening mammogram needs to be paid for. There may be circumstances where a woman may qualify to have a screening mammogram that is covered by charitable funds that support local health centers.

There should be caution exercised when claims are made about something, such as a specific healthcare service, being free. Very few things in life are free and screening mammograms are no exception.

DIS recommends thoroughly checking any information source that claims a mammogram will be “free”. Claims that are not substantiated causes confusion and misunderstandings. Let’s avoid that. Be accurate. Be thorough.