price_transparency 2In a healthcare journal article published, an analysis of data released from surveys indicate that consumers, as proactive patients, are more closely scrutinizing their health care bills and understanding the importance of costs as more often those costs are being assumed by consumers and therefore their responsibility to pay.

The conclusion? “To compete in an increasingly consumer-centric business environment, healthcare providers must develop pricing and billing matrices that explain in detail the type of services rendered and the assigned amounts.”

Diagnostic Imaging Services already practices what is referred to as price transparency. When you contact us, we will provide you with the list price for the test (similar to the list price a manufacturer would suggest for a product such as a car or a new dining room set) and then verify your insurance benefits to arrive at any amount that would be applied to your insurance deductible, if you have one and it has not been fulfilled.

With the right information from your doctor, people can contact providers to request the same information. Many hospitals are often reluctant or not able to provide the financial information you seek. So, we ask, if you don’t know what the potential cost will be, do you want to go there and risk an unfortunate huge cost surprise?

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Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.