Diagnostic Imaging Services shares a news report showing that list prices at hospitals across the United States have risen at a pace that outpaces inflation.

Most people with health insurance, including those receiving Medicare, won’t ever a see a bill for the hospital’s list price because the insurer negotiates a lower rate. But these rising charges are a growing concern for some consumers, especially those who are uninsured or seek care in a hospital that is not in their insurer’s network.

The last few years have seen an increase in the number of health insurers offering plans with limited networks of doctors and hospitals, meaning that it may be easier than ever for a patient to choose the wrong hospital and face a big bill.

From the article, a number of areas are highlighted in terms of price increases, with the largest being back and neck procedures rising 22% in two years. List prices are a critical component for consumers as patients to know as these growing charges can affect what you have to pay if you have an insurance deductible.

Sometimes, the hospital is your only alternative. Emergency room care. Surgery. In-patient care.

But, when you have a choice, whether it is a physical exam, blood work or medical imaging, exercise the same time and care to knowing the price and fee of your service BEFORE you go! Would you buy a car blindly without knowing the sticker price? Would you buy a home without knowing the asking price? Of course you wouldn’t — not unless you had no other choices for transportation and housing. But in health care, choices abound.

In the world of imaging, an independently-owned outpatient provider such as DIS will most often save you money by offering much lower list prices for exams. These translate into lower fees negotiated by insurance providers and ultimately, lower charges applied to your deductible.

High deductible health plans are much more common. Some go as high as $5,000 to $10,000. Be smart. Be sensible. Know before you go. At DIS, we can tell you the price of any exam and assist you with verifying insurance benefits.

Give us a call at 504-459-3220 and ask for the price of the exam you need. Or, send us an email requesting an appointment and ask for the price. Again… know before you go!