Here we grow again!

Pardon our progress!

Often times, people will hear these phrases when organization either expand or improve upon what they do. For Diagnostic Imaging Services, both hold true.

As of May 1, 2017 DIS has opened a sixth and seventh location to expand our reach of services and expertise in southeast Louisiana. Our new locations are:

  • 3434 Houma Boulevard, Suite 100, Metairie LA 70006
  • 4809 Wichers Drive, Marrero LA 70072

Both locations offer Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and also perform x-ray scans. Our Wichers Drive location offers a non claustrophobic open MRI design that is often preferred by people who are recommended to undergo an MRI. That brings the total number of open MRI systems offered by Diagnostic Imaging Services to three.

“We now offer our outstanding imaging and patient guest services from the West Bank to New Orleans to the Northshore and beyond,” said Michael Holmes, Chief Executive Officer of DIS. “We continue to be very excited about geographically expanding our level of first-rate patient care, physician service and radiological expertise to both sides of the river and lake,” Holmes added.

DIS is an independent outpatient imaging provider that is home to a warm welcome, pleasant experience and sincere thank you for each person who visits one of their locations.  DIS offers a wide range of services that includes MRI, CT, PET/CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and radiography, with dedicated women’s imaging that incorporates mammography, hysterosalpingograms, breast MRI and biopsy.

Choose independent and save. Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.