The Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) recognizes members who make a special commitment to business excellence, the values of RBMA and to advancing the business of radiology. The Business Excellence Program recognizes members who demonstrate a commitment to quality at the highest level.

Diagnostic Imaging Services has been awarded the Seal of RBMA Business Excellence. By receiving this high honor, DIS demonstrates its continued commitment to differentiate ourselves from other providers in Southeast Louisiana, proving ourselves continually to medical providers and the general public with our expertise while reinforcing the performance-based standards for our services.

Choose the best

With our recent selection in repeating for 2019 as the top imaging center according to City Business New Orleans, we know our efforts at providing the very best patient care in our centers combined with timely results back to medical providers is key to our success now and in the future. There are many moving parts to this success formula, including our front office staff, technologists and radiologists.

But, there is also “behind the scenes” people who are just as important to a patient and to a physician: the call center agent who creates the appointment for a needed test; the patient relations and communications associate who verifies insurance benefits and gets pertinent financial information into a patient’s hands BEFORE the test is done; the computer folk who make sure our systems run as smooth and seamless as possible; and administrative staff who do their best to tie everything together into one excellent service bundle. Choose independent and save.

Choose excellence. Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred.

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