Considered one of the leading innovative independent outpatient imaging organizations in the greater New Orleans area, Capitol Imaging Services has become the first organization of its kind to offer tomosynthesis (3D mammography).

Women who undergo routine mammograms at our network affiliates in Metairie, LA and Columbus, MS now have the option to utilize the latest diagnostic technology available to them, digital mammography. Previously, the only option was at area hospitals. Now, women can continue to visit the convenience of outpatient imaging and also have access to the latest development in mammography.

“It is important for us as a leader in women’s imaging to continue to look for ways to improve what we do,” said Michael Holmes, Chief Executive Officer at Diagnostic Imaging Services in Metairie. “This solution allows us to complement what we do in conventional mammography with a technology that is ideally suited for women with certain breast tissue types, breast cancer survivors, women with a family history of breast cancer, and those who have the genetic predisposition and have a high risk of developing the disease,” he added.

Digital mammography is different from conventional mammography in how the image of the breast is acquired and, more importantly, viewed. The radiologist can magnify the images, increase or decrease the contrast and invert the black and white values while reading the images. These features allow the radiologist to evaluate microcalcifications and focus on areas of concern.

The 3D exam is a separate procedure that is performed at the same time as your regular mammogram. The exam will take about 4 seconds longer per view while in compression. At this time, insurance does not cover the 3D portion of the mammogram. However, the 2D portion of the exam is billed to your insurance as usual. The charge for 3D mammography is $50. This is often an eligible expense through a health savings account or flexible spending account. DIS recommends consulting with your benefits provider to verify eligibility.

To find out more about 3D mammography, Capitol Imaging Services recommends women speak with their doctor or health care provider on what’s best for them. Click on the green REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT button (above right) to send us an email requesting assistance. A Capitol Imaging Services associate will contact you to arrange your visit.

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