BRCA RibbonAmerican Cancer Society Mammogram Donation - November 2013Diagnostic Imaging Services is very pleased to make a donation of $5,484 to the New Orleans chapter of the American Cancer Society, as part of our continuing commitment to joining the fight against breast cancer.

From left to right are: Michael Holmes, CEO of DIS, Paula Shamsie of the American Cancer Society, Karen Juncker, DIS Field Imaging Specialist, Lisa Richoux, the DIS Operations Manager for the Metairie Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center, and Scott Turke, Director of Marketing and Communications Relations at DIS. Over the recent years, DIS has donated over $20,000 to the American Cancer Society, creating annual donations based on the number of screening and diagnostic mammograms performed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And how about the guys in the photo! They’re “letting it grow” facially in support of MOVEMBER, the international movement that encourages men to grow a mustache for prostate cancer awareness. Our guys went “beyond the stache” in support.

DIS is an exclusive provider of a revolutionary prostate MRI exam that is not offered anywhere else in Louisiana. With this exam, areas of suspicion within the prostate gland are identified more precisely, thereby assisting the urologist in knowing where to biopsy. Much, much better for men! Say YES to joining DIS in the fight against breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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