Breast MRI accreditation - MetairieDiagnostic Imaging Services has announced that our breast MRI service in Metairie has been awarded another three-year accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

Lead by a DIS MRI technologist, Brandi, DIS met or exceeded standards set by the ACR for quality, patient safety, reporting, technology and expertise.

DIS performs breast MRI in Metairie on our high field open MRI, the strongest non-claustrophobic MRI of its kind in southeast Louisiana. The open design provides even further comfort for women undergoing this exam.

We also perform breast MRI studies on the northshore, at our Covington facility at 71154 Highway 21. All studies utilize Computer Aided Detection (CAD) for further evaluation assistance for the radiologist.

Congratulations to all DIS personnel involved in the ACR review process.

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