mri_costsDiagnostic Imaging Services shares the experience of one woman who wrote an October 2014 piece for Forbes magazine. As many discover — and DIS has warned — trying to find the TRUE cost of an imaging exam such as an MRI is much more time-consuming that it should be.

Because of the convolution of prices that DIS refers to as list prices for exams, insurance discounts based on the agreement companies have with medical providers and the size of an insurance deductible a consumer may have, identify an accurate cost can be frustrating. In the writer’s experience, she uncovered a number of things, including being told “your insurance will pay for it” so in essence, why worry about the cost.

Well, we know that’s not true and has not been true for a long time.

And, the writer has a high-deductible health plan, which is even MORE REASON to ask for the price, provide insurance information and have the cost identified — the cost that would be applied to the deductible and may be the responsibility of the consumer to pay.

Note her comment: “MRIs at hospitals, as expected, are not bargains.”

No, they’re not. And, they don’t provide a better or higher quality. So, why would anyone want to pay more when they don’t have to?

At DIS, we believe in providing this type of information. Contrary to the near-impossible task of getting this information from the hospital, DIS can identify the list price for a test, take your insurance information and provide the cost that you may have to pay, depending upon a deductible and whether or not that deductible has been fulfilled. We, and others in the industry, call it “price transparency.”

Click here to read the entire article. And ask your doctor, “why are you trying to send me to a more expensive hospital when I can get the same test at DIS?”

If they don’t believe you, tell them to call us and find out. Our radiologists will be happy to have a discussion with them.

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.