Diagnostic Imaging Services, the Orleans Parish Medical Society and the Jefferson Parish Medical Society co-hosted an event sponsored by Humana and held at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Nearly 100 medical providers and other health specialists attended the event centering around the topics of food insecurity and loneliness.

"A pivotal point for physicians"

Every doctor in the area knows the health challenges that face people. They know their diagnoses and how to treat them. They know their medical history and risk factors. But, they only know what our patients can share; and to effectively treat and improve a person’s whole health, medical providers need to expand their view.

That was one of the main themes discussed by the presenters at the event. Medical professionals realize the challenges in front of them. How do they work collectively to address social determinants of health? How do they better organize themselves as members of the healthcare system to address health factors inside and outside of a medical clinic? How do they get to the ultimate goal of getting people the right level of care at the right place at the right time?

Medical providers and health specialists in attendance learned about various resources they can tap into to assist their patients. More educational events similar in nature are planned for the New Orleans and southeast Louisiana healthcare communities.

Diagnostic Imaging Services is happy to be asked to participate as we believe in doing what we can to better our communities in which we live and serve.