Fusion - NM and CT May 2015Over the past few months, Diagnostic Imaging Services has performed numerous fusion/image merge studies. What does that mean exactly?

Typically, DIS performs a nuclear medicine bone scan and a Computed Tomography (CT)  or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. Then, through post processing via computer software, images from the nuclear medicine test and either the CT or MRI are merged together (fused or fusion) to create a clear set of images for the physician.

In the example to the right, the top row of images are from the nuclear medicine bone scan. The middle pictures are from a CT. The bottom row is the fusion.

Clear, color images can better identify the area of suspicion or concern.

Prior to 2015, the only options for physicians to perform fusion was a local hospital. Now, the opportunity to have patients visit DIS and have all their exams done in one location in an independently-owned outpatient imaging environment is a better alternative.

Excellent quality. Lower price.

Tell your physician or health care provider you want a more cost-effective imaging solution. That solution is Diagnostic Imaging Services.

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