scissors-cut-price-vectorDo you know if you have one?

For many health insurance carriers, members (i.e. policy holders) can usually call or email an advisor that will assist in identifying benefits information, cost estimates and information on in-network providers for health care services.

For services including surgeries, specialty procedures AND medical imaging tests such as MRI or CT scans, advisors can be a huge asset in providing further understanding about benefits, assisting with pre-authorization for the service and offering any online educational tools that may help you. In the case of medical imaging, an advisor can tell you that costs can vary by hundreds OR EVEN THOUSANDS of dollars — even in our area!

How is this possible? The fact is that costs for scans such as MRI or CT are more expensive at hospitals. It’s well documented.

If your doctor advises you to go to a hospital for a scan — STOP. And think. It’s your money.

It’s also your health. However, Diagnostic Imaging Services not only saves you money on imaging exams, they do not skimp on the quality of the test, the care you receive or the results and images needed by your physician.

Yes, it’s true. High quality at a lower cost. When you are in a non-urgent, non-emergency situation, rarely is there a reason to go to the hospital.

Ask to speak to your insurance provider benefits advisor. At certain companies, these “advisors” may have a different title. But, their role is to assist you. After all, you’re paying your insurance premiums. Part of what you should get back in return is their service and advice on cost-effective alternatives. They can help educate you so you are much better informed.

Hospitals = much more expensive and no better quality.

DIS = less expensive and just as good, if not better, quality.