In an article, “What happens when an engaged consumer tries to help control costs?“, the author suggests the following results:

  1. As costs keep rising, and more and more people decide “I’m not going to take it anymore,” more of us will start asking “What are my options?”
  2. As word gets out that prices vary this much, it’s going to get very unhappy for the people who can’t justify higher prices.
  3. Consumers who start shopping will create a great demand for websites that aggregate different vendors’ prices.
  4. It will also create a market – an ecosystem – for related services.

Read his journey of comparison shopping for his needed imaging test. As his next scan approached, he wrote to his oncologist, saying he wasn’t sure if he would do it. The oncologist said he’d prefer to have the data, but he’d understand if the patient felt he couldn’t afford it.

The author decided to find out what his options are. Could he get it done for less? Someone pointed out that my hospital offers discounts for people who can’t afford full price or don’t have coverage.

Capitol Imaging Services continues to advocate for people to take more control over their health care costs. After all, it is YOUR money. It should be YOUR choice. Before you have any imaging exam, we invite you to call one of our affiliates and receive a good faith estimate of any fees that may be your responsibility to pay. Or click here to request an estimate.

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice of its type serving the Southeastern United States. Not only do we perform the scan, such as an MRI, CT or nuclear medicine study, we also provide the radiology expertise to interpret scan images and issue critical findings to physicians and other medical and healthcare providers.

Capitol Imaging Services is doctor trusted and patient preferred.