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A few months ago, many of you have started the year with a new healthcare plan. Many more individuals who chose their employer’s health insurance plan faced high (or higher) deductibles. For many, this means a higher health insurance deductible than you have ever had before.

Did you know that even in the medical field, different service providers charge different rates? When choosing the right place to have your next MRI, CT or ultrasound, remember to ask about the cost involved before having your exam.

Did you also know Diagnostic Imaging Services can help keep your healthcare costs low — or lower them? We offer high quality imaging at a lower, more affordable price.

How is that possible in health care?

  • We have lower contracted rates with insurance companies.
  • We also have lower overhead than our competitors.

This means we offer lower prices to you and your family.

A contracted rate is what the insurance companies have agreed to pay us for your exam. If you have a high deductible, the contracted rate is the amount you will pay us for your exam. These rates vary by carrier, and vary by location. In most cases, our contracted rates are much lower than our hospital competitors.

There are no hidden costs when you choose DIS. We bill in what we call a “global” manner. This means ALL FEES (including the radiologist’s services) are included in our price. You will not get a separate bill for their services.

Hospitals often send multiple bills with multiple charges — higher charges.

DIS also offers self-pay discounts and now accepts the CareCredit health care credit card which allows you to have up to six months to pay your bill without incurring any interest.

Before you schedule your next imaging exam, call to compare prices. Make sure you ask about the radiologist reading fee. Click here for instructions on how you can call to compare prices for exams such as MRI, ultrasound and CT.

Same exam. Same, if not better, quality. Same results to your health care provider.

Where you have your exam is your choice. Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted, patient preferred.