5.31healthcarecostsEven though this story is not local, it is another indication of the serious issues between medical providers and insurance companies. Obviously, the amount of money charged as quoted in this story would be considered outrageous by nearly everyone (except maybe the hospital in this story), but it illustrates that in emergency or urgent situations, people are at high risk for very, very expensive medical bills.

Diagnostic Imaging Services has touted for years that when in non-emergency situations where an imaging exam is recommended and a referral order is in hand, people have the right to go where they want for their tests. We have heard numerous stories (including one from the DIS CEO) about the pressure put on by hospitals to nearly force people to choose the hospital imaging center. People must stand fast because:


  • It’s their money
  • It’s their healthcare
  • They will be paying the bill — not the hospital

If you have an insurance plan with a deductible of $500, $1,000 or even higher (some new plans now have a $10,000 deductible!), it will be more cost efficient to visit DIS as an independently-owned imaging organization than any hospital in southeast Louisiana. But, see for yourself. Call the hospital and ask them for their price of your exam (have your CPT code and insurance information ready to provide — the CPT code for the test can be provided by your doctor or their office). Then, call DIS to compare. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings.

For the same exam and the same, if not better, quality of imaging, why pay more?

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.

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