jeb putzierThis is the start of a quote from an expose done by a Colorado television station this month. It comes from an NFL alumnus who played tight end for the Denver Broncos.

His name: Jeb Putzier. 6’6” 255 lbs during his playing days.

Now he says, “…losing my family and my kids going away with my ex-wife…that was really the low part. I had nothing more. I felt I had done my career and I messed up my family. And, after that, I went and got help from a company that’s changed my life around.”

His most startling revelation – see that at the 7 minute 30 second mark of the video.

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The company he found to change his life? CereScan.

CereScan has treated more than 20 former NFL players, including Hall of Fame offensive lineman Ron Yary and former University of Colorado and New England Patriot linebacker Ted Johnson.

Our organization, Diagnostic Imaging Services, was the third center in the United States to offer the CereScan state-of-the-art brain study. Two brain scans are completed. The results are sent to the CereScan physician in Denver who will analyze up to 140 individual areas of the brain.

To conclude, what happens when a CereScan study is completed and evidence of traumatic brain injury has been found? In many patients, the answer is simple.


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