Diagnostic Imaging Services surveys patients who come to us for their tests, in order to “take the temperature” and see how we are performing.  Is their experience here a good, if not great, one?  Do they find our centers to be friendly, clean and comfortable?  Would they come back to us, should a need arise for further testing?

Here are questions asked of people, and their responses:

Were you treated with courtesy and respect? People who said they were VERY SATISFIED:  97.5%

During your test, how satisfied were you that your questions were answered completely and clearly?  People who said they were VERY SATISFIED: 94.5%

Were you comfortable during your visit? People who said they were VERY SATISFIED: 94.1%

Was the D.I.S. facility you visited clean? People who said they were VERY SATISFIED: 95.8%

How likely is it that you will return to D.I.S.? People who said they were VERY LIKELY to return: 96.1%

Would you recommend D.I.S. to another person? People who said YES, THEY WOULD RECOMMEND D.I.S.: 98.6%

At Diagnostic Imaging Services, we pride ourselves on treating people with care, dignity and respect.  Each and every person who visits D.I.S. should receive a warm welcome, have a pleasant experience, and receive a sincere thank you from us upon their departure.  How many health care organizations can boast such satisfaction as indicated above?

We won’t mislead.  This is not a scientific survey.  And, there are those who told us that their experience could and should have been better. To those people, we humbly apologize. We will work each and every day on improving what we do and how we do it. We have served the greater New Orleans area for 40 years. For that, we thank you.

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