ur_rightsWhen you visit your doctor and he recommends you have a radiological scan (MRI, CT, PET, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc), you will receive a script.  Your doctor will often make a recommendation where you should go for the scan. In some cases, your physician may belong to a medical group or hospital that owns the imaging center to where you are being referred and there is an economic benefit to your physician’s group or hospital to do your scan. Please be aware that you are not mandated to go where your doctor recommends on the script.  You have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE where to be scanned.

So how do you base your decision on where to go?

Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services. Here’s why:

  1. DIS has our primary concern in your well-being and to provide up to date equipment and accurate reports. Many other outpatient centers are owned and directed by business people or non-radiologist physicians with little or no medical imaging knowledge and experience.
  2. A board certified DIS radiologist will interpret your images. They know the equipment on which you will be scanned. They set the protocols for the scanner so it’s configured to the optimal settings for your particular problem. Many other outpatient centers contract with outside radiologists or out-source the interpretations to non local radiologists who have little or no control of equipment choice or the quality process of the scans. The scan protocols are often the same regardless of your diagnosis.
  3. At DIS, radiologists are sub-specialists. This means that there are specific radiologists for musculoskeletal (bone and joint), neurological (brain, spine, and ENT), body (chest, abdomen, and pelvis), and breast cases. Most other imaging centers send their scans to general radiologists or radiologists who don’t specialize in your particular problem. Wouldn’t you want your images read by a sub-specialist radiologist with experience and an interest in your area of concern? A radiologist that exclusively interprets a large number of scans from the same body area of where your problem is located is far more likely to diagnose your problem and generate a more meaningful report for your physician. Ask your physician who will be interpreting your scan.
  4. DIS systems (modalities) are all certified by the ACR (American College of Radiology). We are also strong supporters of the Image Gently and Image Wisely campaigns for safety in medical imaging. Other imaging centers have older machines with less than optimal image quality. Many are unable to obtain the ACR standard of quality. Financial constraints often prevent them from upgrading.
  5. For specialized MRI exams, DIS is the only imaging center in the region that houses a 3 Tesla (3T) strength MRI – the most powerful clinical MRI scanners that are available, along with a 1.2T high field open MRI in one location. High Definition 3T MRI scanner from Philips provides extremely high resolution in cases where image clarity is paramount. Your scan will have better detail and performed faster than less powerful MRIs. Experts agree that certain neurological, musculoskeletal, body, and prostate MRI scans are best performed on a 3T MRI. Ask your physician the type of MRI scanner to which you are being referred. At DIS, you have a choice.
  6. For patients that may be claustrophobic within an MRI scanner, DIS has the area’s only high-field 1.2T high field open MRI scanner. Some other imaging centers have open MRI’s that are designed to be comfortable; however, you will notice they do not mention the tesla strength on their websites. Why? Because they are low to mid field and are significantly less powerful (and much, much older) than the DIS’ high field strength open MRI. This results in significantly longer scan times and images that are of poorer quality. Ask your physician if the facility you are being referred to has an open MRI scanner and what is its field strength.
  7. DIS offers comprehensive women’s health imaging from 3D mammography to ultrasound-guided breast biopsy. We are the only independently-owned imaging center in the area with a dedicated women’s center. From breast MRI to bone density studies, tens of thousands of women place their trust in DIS for their screening and diagnostic exam needs.
  8. DIS has contracts with the largest number of insurance companies so we are more likely to accept your insurance than any other imaging center in the area. Many other imaging centers won’t accept your insurance and will require you to pay for your scan out of pocket. Also, frequently your out of pocket expenses will be less at DIS. For those patients who have no insurance or prefer not to use their insurance, we have very affordable self pay rates.
  9. At many hospitals and imaging centers, if you try to schedule your appointment for a scan you may have to wait weeks before you can get an appointment. During this time, your health may not be getting any better and you are waiting for answers. DIS will make every effort to book your appointment the same day or next day depending on the prep involved for your exam and if your insurance requires time to obtain authorization. DIS can accommodate your schedule — including Saturday morning appointment opportunities!

Call 504-883-5999 or 985-641-2390 for your very own DIS patient experience. Or, click here to securely submit a request for an appointment.

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.