In this case, being low is a very, very good thing.

And being high (or higher) in slice is another great thing. Being low and being high at the same time is the result of the Hitachi Supria Computed Tomography (CT) system at select Capitol Imaging Services facilities within our affiliate network.

A fantastic upgrade in technology. Much, much safer for people. Physicians get the results they need. Win. Win. Win.

What is ultra-low dose radiation?

Ultra-low dose medical radiation entails using the lowest amount of dosage to obtain a diagnostics study. There has been a large medical initiative to reduce dosages to the lowest levels possible while still maintaining the ability to detect early stage cancers.

In addition to the even-further reduction of medical radiation used in a CT scan, another valuable benefit of our Supria technology is the comfort provided by the CT design. It has a larger opening, longer table and higher weight capacity, which all works in concert when scanning larger people. The Supria has an opening of 29.5″ (most traditional CT systems have 23.5″-27.5″ openings) and can accommodate people that weigh up to 500 pounds.

What is a “slice” in a CT exam?

Think of a slice of bread or a slice of cake. The CT machine divides the body up into “slices” and takes pictures of these slices which are then reconstructed using a computer. The CT machine produces two-dimensional pictures which are put together by a computer into very detailed, three-dimensional images which show bones, soft tissue, organs and blood vessels. These pictures then help physicians to diagnose problems.

Imagine a loaf of bread. You can see the whole loaf at once or you can look at individual slices. CT gives medical providers a very powerful tool to aid in the diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, appendicitis, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

Are more slices always better? That completely depends on what your medical provider is looking for. For some conditions, more slices are preferable and can help providers identify very small abnormalities. For other conditions, the number of slices really doesn’t matter.

A more powerful tool that is simply safer.  If you have received a recommendation for a CT, go low and choose Capitol Imaging Services.

We are doctor trusted and patient preferred.