Diagnostic Imaging Services shares a news report regarding the continuing trend moving into 2015 of employers shifting more of the financial responsibility for healthcare onto employees through high deductible health insurance plans.

The “new” part to it? Getting people to be better healthcare consumers is going to be the “big push.”

People need to be vigilant and more aware that if your employer benefits now only offer health plans with a deductible or current plans offering only higher deductibles (some go as high as $5,000-$10,000 per year), they need to do what they do in their everyday life — shop for pricing to find lower cost alternatives to healthcare.

Lower cost alternatives that do not sacrifice quality!

DIS will save money for people, often big money, by offering lower prices and charges than all area hospitals. Often times, hospitals do not want to provide pricing for this very reason. DIS believes in price transparency, where we identify the price of the exam, go through insurance benefits verification, and tell someone what the eventual charge could be that would apply to their deductible.

Aside from exams such as screening mammograms and other tests that are covered in full by the Affordable Care Act, it does and will make a big difference between a charge for an MRI at a local hospital compared to the charge from DIS.

Independently-owned providers such as DIS provide high quality at a lower cost. Hard to believe, but true.

Watch the video and we encourage you to share it with those you know. The trend is continuing. Become smart consumers. It’s your healthcare. It’s your money.

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.