Closed magnets have a large horizontal tube or “bore” and are open at both ends. Since the patient is completely encircled inside the magnet, these magnets are not patient-friendly for claustrophobic or large patients.

Some imaging centers refer to their short-bore magnets as “open” so be sure to ask if they have a true open magnet.

Look for yourself — does this look like an open MRI magnet?


Or, is this more like it — a TRUE OPEN MRI SYSTEM?

Hitachi Medical Systems

A true open MRI scanner is open on all sides and does not encircle the patient. Our patient-friendly MRI can accommodate those that may feel anxious, nervous or claustrophobic.  It’s much more comfortable for larger patients, with no confining tunnel encircling them.

Don’t be fooled or mislead.  Unless the MRI provides open access on all sides and a wide view of the exam room, it is NOT an open MRI.

Capitol Imaging Services offers multiple locations for a true open MRI patient experience. For you, this means your doctor receives high quality test results while you experience a more comfortable exam. When a person is more relaxed and comfortable, the images captured as part of the MRI are often clearer and much more better for the radiologist to review and interpret as part of their reporting to the physician or other healthcare provider ordering the exam.

We know that an MRI can often cause anxiety, worry and nervousness. Between the open MRI systems at Capitol Imaging Services and our excellent technologists that provide the care during the exam, you know you are in good hands!

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice serving the southeastern United States. We not only perform the scan such as an MRI, but also the radiology expertise to review the scan and report the results. We often lower any out of pocket costs by offering lower fees for our services and for people with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that is a major benefit.

All without sacrificing quality of the exam or care.

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