PET Scan Near Me


PET scans play a vital role in diagnosing and staging various cancers. During a PET scan, a small amount of radioactive sugar is tracked throughout your body. Cancer cells are known to be more active than healthy cells, and as a result, they absorb more of this sugar. The PET scanner then detects the radiation emitted by the sugar, creating a picture of areas with high metabolic activity. This can help your doctors identify the presence and location of cancer even before anatomical changes become visible.

Many patients ask “Where is a PET scan near me?” every day. Texarkana PET/CT Imaging Institute specializes in PET/CT cancer diagnostic imaging. We have a cutting-edge, Siemens Biograph Horizon scanner, which was created using artificial intelligence technology. Great imaging technology is available to you right here at home. Our facility has a lovely, peaceful, and soothing ambiance, and our compassionate staff go above and beyond to assist with queries and respond to your needs. Contact us today and learn why Texarkana PET/CT Imaging Institute is doctor trusted, and patient preferred.

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