According to research published by the National Institute for Health Care Reform, average hospital outpatient department prices for common imaging, colonoscopy and laboratory service can be DOUBLE THE PRICE for identical services provided in a physician’s office or other community-based setting, such as an independent provider, i.e. Diagnostic Imaging Services.

Using private insurance claims data for nearly 600,000 active and retired non-elderly autoworkers and their dependents, research found, for example, that the average price for an MRI of a knee was about $300 less in a freestanding imaging center when compared to a hospital outpatient department. A colonoscopy was nearly half the cost in a community setting and lab work nearly 1/3 of what a hospital would charge on average.

In addition, the study found considerable variation in hospital outpatient department and community prices within metropolitan areas, with hospital outpatient prices typically varying more.

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This research is intended for professionals and organizations involved in health care coverage. However, as consumers, you will find the results enlightening and revealing. Why take the chance of paying potentially $300 or more for an MRI of the knee when the exam is the same no matter where it is performed? Why shell out 2/3 more for a blood panel?

Capitol Imaging Services touts an active consumer — not a passive patient. It is more than perfectly fine to ask a health care provider to take cost considerations into account when discussing your health care needs. Without sacrificing quality of care or technology, DIS performs the vast majority of imaging exams that hospitals do at far less cost. That results in lower fees that are applied to  your insurance deductible.

There are truly savings to be had in health care. But, you must ADVOCATE for yourselves. No one should have to subsidize more expensive hospital operations, which includes layers and layers of management, physician salaries and high operations for emergency rooms and surgical suites. Whenever possible, choose a less-expensive quality provider for medical imaging.

That provider is Capitol Imaging Services. Click here to send us a secure email requesting a price estimate for your imaging exam.

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