D.I.S. received a telephone call from a woman who had come to our Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center in Metairie on a Saturday morning for her screening mammogram. She called because she had received her results in the mail and the date on her D.I.S. correspondence was the Monday following the weekend.

She was concerned that the results came too quickly and there might be a problem with being too fast.  But, we reassured her that our standard operating policy is to return mammogram results within one business day.  We do everything we can to follow the same policy with all of our test results and D.I.S. is often successful with that — often results are returned the same day to the physician! We don’t want anyone to wait endlessly for the outcome of their test.

Speed does not sacrifice the quality of the D.I.S. radiology reports.

Rapid test results is one more way Diagnostic Imaging Services is the outpatient imaging provider of choice for many area physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and community health centers. We also strive to provide same-day appointment times whenever possible.

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