A reporter documents their experience with researching health insurance options. The success achieved in getting the information was not through the website, but by utilizing a toll free number in order to speak to a representative. For those who are having difficulties with the online application process, the telephone may be your next best option.

While the digital age has proven to be a wonderful thing for the advancement of technology and achieving efficiencies in both the professional and personal worlds, it’s only wonderful when it works. When it has an interruption or it is slow, it can be quite painful to work with.

That’s when human interaction comes in. That type of human interaction can be found when people contact a Capitol Imaging Services affiliate with questions regarding their health insurance and health insurance coverage. Our associates are experienced in helping to identify benefits and clearly explain if there will be any out of pocket expenses associated with having a diagnostic scan such as a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Computed Tomography (CT) exam — expenses that would be your responsibility to pay.

Health insurance can be a very confusing world. Combined with technology that may or may not work, sometimes the best alternative is “human technology.” That can be found at Capitol Imaging Services!

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice of its type serving the Southeastern United States. Not only do we perform the scan, we provide the radiology expertise to review test images and issue critical findings to physicians and other healthcare providers.

Our affiliates work to get your exam scheduled promptly. Often, hospitals may have waits of several days or even weeks before a person can have their exam as an outpatient. Why wait? Your health is too important. Your best choice is Capitol Imaging Services.

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Capitol Imaging Services is doctor trusted and patient preferred.