Hologic Selenia 9000

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Our Capitol Imaging Services affiliate, Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS) has added to their women’s health services portfolio by introducing stereotactic breast biopsy imaging studies to our suite of exams performed at their Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center in Metairie, LA.

In order to provide these services, DIS invested in the Hologic Selenia Dimensions System 9000, which in addition to perform conventional two-dimensional and 3D mammograms, will also perform stereotactic breast biopsies. Stereotactic breast biopsy uses mammography to help locate a breast lump or abnormality and remove a tissue sample for examination under a microscope.

It’s less invasive than surgical biopsy, leaves little to no scarring and can be an excellent way to evaluate calcium deposits or tiny masses that are not visible on ultrasound.

Stereotactic breast biopsy has been touted as being approximately 1/3 the cost of a surgical biopsy.

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Lumps or abnormalities in the breast are often detected by physical examination, mammography, or other imaging studies. However, it is not always possible to tell from these imaging tests whether a growth is benign or cancerous.

A breast biopsy is performed to remove some cells from a suspicious area in the breast and examine them under a microscope to determine a diagnosis. This can be performed surgically or, more commonly, by a radiologist using a less invasive procedure that involves a hollow needle and image-guidance. Image-guided needle biopsy is not designed to remove the entire lesion.

Image-guided biopsy is performed by taking samples of an abnormality under some form of guidance such as ultrasound, MRI or mammography guidance.

In stereotactic breast biopsy, a special mammography machine uses x-rays to help guide the radiologist’s biopsy equipment to the site of the abnormal growth.

Our commitment to technology never wavers. As a freestanding independent imaging organization, we believe it is our duty to continue to improve, upgrade and add to our high-quality imaging capabilities. To our knowledge, no other organization similar to Capitol Imaging Services has made this type of continuing commitments to the southeastern United States.

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