Diagnostic Imaging Services shares a news report that aired on the ABC Evening News on Monday, December 2, 2013.Frustration

This report investigates the reasons or rationale for the discrepancy in price between an independent facility and a hospital facility regarding blood tests. Unfortunately, the woman who had the tests received the “sticker shock” AFTER getting the bill.

The hospital facility was 2.5 times the cost of the independent.

DIS has advocated for people to ask for the price of their test, whatever that test may be, BEFORE having it done. The key is before. And, if you can’t get the price before, we have to ask ‘would you really want to go somewhere and not know what the cost is going to be?’

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Then, tell your doctor or health care provider you want to save money and not go to a hospital OR the hospital’s imaging center where their costs — AND YOUR DEDUCTIBLE AMOUNT THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY — is going to be substantially higher. Why pay more for the same test?

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Click here to view the news story.