doctor patient relationshipPatients prefer to receive imaging exam results from their referring physician and not a radiologist, according to a study featured in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. The study , conducted by David M. Naeger, MD, and colleagues, looked at 617 anonymous surveys completed over a 4-week period by adult patients undergoing outpatient CT or MRI exams.

Patients were asked if they would prefer to hear about radiology results from “an expert in treatment and with whom you are familiar” or “an expert in interpreting scans with whom you are not familiar.” The former option was chosen by 82% of the patients, with 18% choosing the latter.

This preference was quite surprising to the study’s authors.

Some outpatient imaging providers tout immediate preliminary results as part of their service. However, Diagnostic Imaging Services has maintained that the sanctity of the relationship between a doctor, or other health care provider, and their patient is more important than coming in between that with any early results.

This study supports our position.

DIS often provides results to health care providers for common exams within one business day, sometimes sooner. We believe information on results should come to the person having the exam from the medical professional who made the imaging recommendation.