health insuranceDiagnostic Imaging Services shares a news report that highlights while insurance premiums creep up slightly, the out-of-pocket costs for deductibles and other elements not covered by insurance plans are set to significantly jump.

DIS assists people with deductibles by offering lower prices on exams than area hospitals and their imaging affiliates. Lower prices translate into lower charges that may be a person’s responsibility to pay. In many cases, we save people hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars when they have high deductible health plans.

It pays to shop and be a savvy consumer. For the same exam, why would you want to pay more when you do not have to? DIS does not skimp on quality and your doctor gets the results they need.

Call 504-459-3220 and ask for the price of your exam. We’ll even help you with insurance benefits verification to best identify any charges that would be your responsibility to pay.

Know before you go.

Say YES to DIS.

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