On Friday, September 8, 2017, people who visited one of our centers or our administrative offices may have seen a more relaxed, casual business attire atmosphere than what they normally would expect.

This was on purpose.

Best Blue Jeans donned in support of the Cajun Navy

Employees who wished to participate wore their best jeans to work on September 8 and in exchange, made a financial donation toward Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in southeast Texas. With many different charities to choose from, DIS wanted to select one that was close to home.

That was the Cajun Relief Foundation and their support for the Cajun Navy.

Over $400 raised

Diagnostic Imaging Services is proud to announce that over $400 was raised through employee participation, patient participation and matching vendor contributions. These monies were donated directly to the Foundation.

The Cajun Relief Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in September 2016 by Rob Gaudet and Melissa Adair who were key organizers behind the Cajun Navy.

They spearheaded a Cajun Navy group whose only requirement was that citizens agree to work alongside local authorities to save lives. This was what separated their efforts from other citizen boaters who were frustrated at being turned back by authorities.

By working within the guidelines established by authorities, their boaters were allowed by the authorities to put their boats into the flood waters. This collaboration between authorities and citizens saved thousands of lives in the rapidly rising waters. Rob and Melissa’s actions proved that citizens acting out of concern for their neighbors could be just as effective at rescue and relief as established top down organizations.

The difference is that the citizen-led Cajun Navy spent $0 dollars.

Thank you to the employees, patients and vendors who contributed to our fundraising day.