The headline is the “takeaway” from an April 9, 2018 story published by National Public Radio.

It tells the story of a man, Benjamin Hynden, a resident of Fort Myers, FL. His medical journey included a stop at a Fort Myers hospital emergency room where one the services a nurse recommended was a CT scan.

Almost $8,900 for a CT

Imagine the shock Mr. Hynden felt when the bill arrived from the hospital. The shock was further emphasized as Hynden had the same CT at a non-hospital imaging center and the amount he had to pay through his health insurance coverage was less than $300.

  • The list price for the hospital CT: $8,897
  • The discount from the list price as negotiated by the insurer: $3,890
  • What the insurer paid for the CT: $2,628
  • What the patient owed: $3,656

Hospitals across the United States will try to rationalize their higher costs and charges. However, there are less expensive alternatives that provide the needed results to the doctor.

Thus, the takeaway as offered by the author of the story. It’s a fact that when you visit the hospital, whether in an urgent scenario or not, you’re expenses are very likely to be significantly higher than if you utilized an independent outpatient facility.

Choose an independent radiology practice

If it not an urgent or emergency situation, people should take responsibility for their financial health and well-being, and ask for an independent imaging provider when a screening or diagnostic test is recommended. It is your right to choose where you want to go. If there is not a good reason to pay more for the same test, why should you?

At Capitol Imaging Services, we know that a CT scan does not have to be so expensive. We often lower out of pocket costs for people by performing our exams at lower fees. For people with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that’s a major financial advantage.

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