Capitol Imaging Services has served tens of thousands of women with our women’s health examinations in screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, bone density studies, breast MRI and breast biopsy. We implemented 3D mammography several years ago to provide a mammogram technique that is considered superior to conventional 2D mammography in thoroughly evaluating breast tissue to identify any areas of concern.

Many women prefer the comfort and ambiance of an outpatient imaging center such as those within the Capitol Imaging Services affiliate network that perform breast cancer screenings. Our independent facilities streamline our processes because screening and diagnostic testing is all we do. For screening mammograms, we ask for about 20 minutes of a woman’s time. That’s all it usually takes from the time she enters our facility until the time she departs.

In the vast majority of cases, results of screening mammograms are returned to medical providers within one business day, often sooner. We feel this is a critical part of our service mantra to patients and the medical community.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

Another benefit to choosing a Capitol Imaging Services center is that while screening mammograms are covered by the Affordable Care Act (with the 3D option covered by some health insurance plans), any additional imaging that follows the screening is subject to health insurance coverage and any deductibles. Capitol Imaging Services often lowers out of pocket costs by performing exams less expensively than area hospitals and medical centers. 

For people with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that’s a major financial advantage. This advantage is enjoyed without people sacrificing quality of care, technology or results.

Click here to learn more about mammography and the select Capitol Imaging Services centers that perform mammograms. These facilities are accredited in mammography by the American College of Radiology, meeting or exceeding standards set for quality, technology, reporting and expertise.

Capitol Imaging Services is doctor trusted and patient preferred.