Philips Infiniti 70 Pic 2At the Diagnostic Imaging Services northshore locations in Covington and Slidell, two Philips Affiniti 70G premium ultrasound units have been installed.

Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. It is used to help diagnose the causes of pain, swelling and infection in the body’s internal organs and to examine a baby in pregnant women and the brain and hips in infants. It’s also used to help guide biopsies, diagnose heart conditions, and assess damage after a heart attack.

Ultrasounds offer many advantages: They are generally painless and do not require needles, injections, or incisions. Patients aren’t exposed to ionizing radiation, making the procedure safer than diagnostic techniques such as X-rays and CT scans.

Ultrasound is a useful way of examining many of the body’s internal organs, including but not limited to the:

  • heart and blood vessels, including the abdominal aorta and its major branches
  • liver
  • gallbladder
  • spleen
  • pancreas
  • kidneys
  • bladder
  • uterus, ovaries, and unborn child (fetus) in pregnant patients
  • eyes
  • thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • scrotum (testicles)

The investment in the Affiniti units further illustrates the continuing commitment by Diagnostic Imaging Services to provide the latest in technology to further enhance and improve on what we do on behalf of patients and medical providers. The quality is outstanding. The technology second to none. Combined with the radiology expertise at DIS, no other freestanding independent imaging provider (or hospitals for that matter) can match the level of service offered to the communities in southeast Louisiana and beyond.

Philips Affiniti 70 Pic 1 Philips Affiniti 70 Pic 2The best news: even with superior technology, potential costs to patients do not rise. How great is that!

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.