As we head into a new year, where health insurance deductibles reset to $0, DIS shares an interesting article regarding consumers saving “thousands” of dollars by going “independent.”

Highlights include:

  • You may be paying much more for… your outpatient medical tests than you need to—by as much as 85 percent;
  • There is enormous variability in pricing for medical imaging tests, depending on where you get them done; hospitals tend to charge much more than private, freestanding imaging centers for the same test, of the same quality;
  • You may have to do a bit of calling and investigating, as many imaging centers are reluctant to disclose their prices, and some refuse altogether;
  • Several bills have been introduced in Congress that would require “healthcare price transparency,” but movement has been slow at the federal level. However, several states have acted on their own and established websites to help consumers price shop for medical services.

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