Diagnostic Imaging Services answers the question, “what are the benefits of using 3D mammography?”

Many studies in Europe and the U.S. have substantiated superior breast cancer detection rates when combining 3D mammography with conventional 2D mammography. Studies have demonstrated a 10%-30% increase in overall breast cancer detection (over 2D imaging alone).

This ability to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage will save more lives. Two of the top benefits are improving the early detection of breast cancer and providing peace of mind due to greater clarity and accuracy.

This increased accuracy reduces the number of call-backs (by as much as 30%), sparing women the anxiety, inconvenience and expense of coming back for further imaging.

More comprehensive. Taking no more time than a conventional mammogram. Performed at the DIS Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center in Metairie. 3D screening mammograms can be completed on a Saturday morning.

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