Musculoskeletal radiology is the application of medical imaging using radiation to the study of the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system. It has a number of uses, ranging from a better understanding of human anatomy to the Muscles_anterior_labeleddevelopment of diagnostic criteria for evaluating patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Medical schools typically teach a unit on musculoskeletal radiology and students interested in pursuing careers in this field can take additional coursework to learn more and develop additional skills.

One important aspect of this field is the development of a very large library of images of the musculoskeletal system. Images taken of patients of all ages and physical conditions are used to amass a collection of images people can use in medical training and scientific research. Having comparison images available allows people to do things like assessing suspected cases of a disorder against images of patients known to have the disorder, and such images can also be used to develop clear descriptions for rubrics used in evaluating medical imaging studies.

D.I.S. is the only independent freestanding outpatient imaging center in the greater New Orleans that has a musculoskeletal subspecialist to provide accurate diagnosis for musculoskeletal conditions. Physicians and other healthcare clinicians can specify this radiologist for their patient study, something that cannot specify at other outpatient centers.

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