Radiologists play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They are medical doctors who are licensed and specially trained to use medical imaging technologies.

Your physician or other medical provider, such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, may refer you to a radiologist for testing as straightforward as an x-ray (called a radiograph by a radiologist) to more complex exams such as an MRI. After your scan is done and the images captured readied, the radiologist will analyze and interpret the medical images and issue their findings to your medical provider. Ultimately, radiologists may often work with your medical provider to handle your case. They are crucial in helping determine a diagnosis and having your provider determine the best course of treatment.

The radiologist may also consult with your health care provider throughout this period. If the radiologist determines appropriateness, further testing may be recommended. There are three important components to an effective test: the technology, such as an MRI or CT scan), the technologist (the professional operating the scanner) and the radiologist. Each works in concert with the other to provide the crucial results to your health care provider.

The Capitol Imaging Services (CIS) radiology staff has extensive experience in reviewing and interpreting standard and advanced imaging exams. CIS works to have the appropriate radiologist to interpret an exam. This is all done without any additional cost to you as a patient and often results are in your health care provider’s hands within one business day. Sometimes sooner!

Capitol Imaging Services operates over 20 independent screening and diagnostic testing centers in the southeastern U.S. Our locations currently span from Texas to Florida. Click on the green REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT button (above right) or click here to send us a secure email requesting appointment assistance. We can assist you with selecting the appropriate location that can perform your needed exam.

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