Most people have heard of ultrasound and associate this common imaging procedure with pregnancy. What many people don’t realize is that ultrasounds can be used to detect a wide variety of medical issues.

Actually, ultrasound is an imaging technology that is very diverse, having uses and applications for a variety of health and medical conditions outside of pregnancy.

Ultrasound: the basics

An ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the body’s internal organs. The procedure is designed to detect medical issues and check on the status of a developing fetus.

  • Ultrasounds are painless.
  • Scans do not use ionizing radiation.
  • Risk is non existent.

During the ultrasound, the technologist moves a wand known as a transducer over the area to be examined and produces images on a computer screen. In some instances, a special transducer must be inserted into the vagina, rectum or esophagus to acquire the needed images for the test.

Ultrasounds are useful for detecting various anatomical issues such as kidney stones, fibroids and other uterine issues. It is also an important component in the evaluation of potential breast cancer. Ultrasound can determine the sex of an unborn fetus.

Doctors use ultrasound to search soft tissue for hard masses to detect cancer and can be used to guide the insertion of a needle, as is done with a form of breast biopsy.

With any imaging technology, there are certain limitations or there is other testing such as MRI that may be a better choice for diagnostic testing. But, ultrasound is a proven and popular imaging exam that is versatile and has a wide variety of applications.

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