With the introduction of 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) at our Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center in Metairie, many questions are being asked about the advantages 3D offer to certain women over conventional mammograms. Here is a brief list of those points:

  • 3D mammography is cited as most appropriate for women with dense breasts, breast cancer survivors, women with a family history of breast cancer (mother, sister, daughter) or women with genetic predisposition to breast cancer.
  • It is touted as a superior mammogram that can be done in conjunction with a traditional digital mammogram.
  • 22 of the top cancer centers in the United States utilize 3D mammography.
  • A 3D exam takes no more time than a traditional mammogram and has the same dose as a traditional film mammogram.
  • The additional benefits for women include:
    • Lowering the possibility of having to come back for additional mammography imaging.
    • 3D allows our radiologist to see through possible overlapping tissue in the breast to better visualize early cancers that are not able to be seen with conventional mammography.
  • 3D mammography has been made known in one study of over 12,000 women to detect 40% more invasive cancers over digital mammography alone.

Should you decide, or your physician recommend, a 3D screening mammogram, call 504-883-5999 to schedule a visit to our Metairie center.


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