A great night with beautiful runway models and a loud supportive crowd of family, friends and healthcare professionals gathered for the You Night New Orleans 2019 “Turn the Beat Around” event.

Diagnostic Imaging Services was a proud sponsor of the July 27 celebration of life, health and happiness.

What is You Night?

You Night is an alternative to traditional support groups. They offer various programs that teach cancer survivors how to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment through teamwork, coaching and strong interpersonal support from a network of other survivors.

The program prepares women for life after any type of cancer by re-building self esteem, and gaining appreciation for their own bodies, and a joy for living – all through structured group experiences. There are many ways that women who have had cancer can join this powerful sisterhood.

You Night helps women find their strength, purpose and passion so that they can pay it forward to others. A major part of that mission is the You Night’s Signature Runway Empowerment Experience, held in New Orleans and in Mandeville, LA.

What are the You Night Knights?

Led by the Capitol Imaging Services Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Holmes, the Knights is a support group for caregivers, those individuals who are front and center in providing care, support, love and comfort to the one going through cancer treatments. Often times, these individuals do not have an outlet for expressing their fears, anxieties, anger and resentment that they may feel in seeing their loved one battling the disease.

The group assists with trying to navigate the maze of health insurance and medical treatments, providing individuals to help with getting things done around the home or just a shoulder to lean on.

For more information, watch the video clip below and/or contact Michael at michael.holmes.@capitolimagingservices.com.