Capitol Imaging Services was contacted by a woman who had her doctor recommend an ultrasound due to a condition known as aortic stenosis. However, she told her doctor there was no way she was going to have the test when the hospital told her the cost was $2,870!

She had health insurance and therefore the price of $2,870 would be negotiated down based on the agreement between the insurance company and the hospital. But, even with the discount, she had a $1,900 deductible on her plan so she was going to bear the entire financial obligation for the exam.

She contacted Capitol Imaging Services.

We told her the CPT code for the test would either be 93978 or 93979. The only difference between the two codes is one is known as a “complete” study and the other as a “limited” exam, and her doctor would most likely be ordering one or the other.

Our cost before insurance discounting: $626 for CPT code 93978 and $342 for CPT code 93979. Capitol Imaging Services was going to be ~$2,200-$2,500 LESS in price!

People will ask (and rightfully so in our opinion) why a hospital would charge nearly four times the amount of money for a common straightforward exam. There’s no special equipment needed other than an ultrasound unit. A qualified and registered technologist. A radiologist qualified to read the exam and provide results to the doctor.

At Capitol Imaging Services?

► Ultrasound units: check
► Qualified and registered ultrasound technologists: check
► Qualified radiologists: check

At Capitol Imaging Services, it’s one price for everything.

Be smart and do just as this woman did. She shopped and compared. She stood for her right to choose where to go for her exam and save a large amount of money without sacrificing quality of care or technology.

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