Join our family of imaging centers across the Southeast United States

At Capitol Imaging Services (CIS), our commitment is to provide state-of-the-art technology, professional expertise and patient-centric care. We provide easy access, convenient scheduling and timely reporting.

What are our credentials, experience and deliverables in owning (or co-owning) screening and diagnostic imaging facilities?

  1. Twenty five imaging facilities in Alabama and Louisiana.
  2. The largest truly independent radiology organization in the Gulf South.
  3. Nearly two centuries of executive management experience with radiology facilities, diagnostic imaging procedures and protocols, healthcare compliance and revenue cycle management.
  4. Solid business acumen in hospital joint ventures, healthcare partnerships and clinical operations.
  5. Multi-modality ACR accredited organization that encompasses screening, diagnostic and interventional services and procedures.
  6. Exceptional revenue cycle management departments with expertise in billing, credentialing, pre-registration and prior authorizations services.
  7. State-of-the-art Information Technology systems for Radiology Information, Billing, PACS and Patient Portals.
  8. Industry leader in developing strategic, conceptual sales and marketing programs for all CIS markets.
  9. Database utilization to develop direct response initiatives for attorneys, patients, payors and referral sources.
  10. Robust content-rich website that targets patients, payors and providers across the CIS enterprise.
  11. Extensive accounting and financial experience in billing, budgeting, reporting and forecasting.
  12. Proven track record of effective and efficient new acquisition on-boarding.
  13. Aggressive approach to facilities management for patient satisfaction and market exposure.

Capitol Imaging Services Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: John P. Stagg
Chief Financial Officer: Tina Q. Heirsch
Chief Operating Officer: Ricky Arbuckle
Chief Marketing Officer: Michael Holmes
President, Billing Group: Sabrina M. Cole
Vice President of Human Resources and Compliance: Andrew Finn