About Capitol Imaging Services

What is our mission?

Capitol Imaging Services (CIS) is working to be the screening and diagnostic testing provider of choice for people in the communities we serve as well as their medical providers.

The brands that make up CIS understand that there are several factors involved in meeting our goal. One critical factor is the overall experience for a person who comes in for his or her test, from the time he or she walks through our door to the time he or she departs.

There are three components CIS associates work diligently to deliver to each and every person:

  1.     A warm welcome from our front desk receptionists.
  2.     A pleasant experience from registration to the completion of the imaging exam.
  3.     A very sincere “thank you” for choosing us prior to leaving our facility.

If your visit at a CIS facility is not warm, pleasant and sincere, I want to know about it.

At Capitol Imaging Services, people are treated with the respect they deserve. Their pre-registration is made simple and any wait times are usually minimal in length. Test results are provided to physicians as quickly as possible so any treatment deemed appropriate may begin.

We understand because we, our family, loved ones and friends are CIS patients, too.

A friendly and relaxed experience

Capitol Imaging Services performs imaging exams in facilities that are free of hectic medical campuses, multi-story parking garages, elevators, painted lines and signs everywhere. People who come to a CIS facility park in front or near our clinic, walk in the front door and straight into our reception area. Because we know that undergoing an imaging exam can be a worrisome, anxious time for many, we work to offer a calm, quiet atmosphere that puts people at ease.

Being more at ease for an exam such as a MRI, CT or ultrasound scan contributes significantly to better images AND a more quality outcome for the radiologist and the treating medical provider.

The Capitol Imaging Services advantage

But, what is THE major benefit of selecting Capitol Imaging Services? It’s simple. We perform the majority of common exams and specialized tests at fees that often significantly lower potential out-of-pocket expenses. Many people have been amazed at the difference in what they may have to pay for a test when they compare us to a hospital or medical center.

We have saved people from $200 to over $7,000 in imaging costs! For those with health insurance deductibles and/or high deductible insurance plans, the value is huge. After all, why pay more when you do not have to?

Yet, there is very little, if any, difference in the quality of the imaging or the reporting of the results to doctors. People are amazed that they can enjoy both the high quality they deserve at a lower healthcare cost. Combined with being treated with kindness, dignity and respect, it’s often an easy decision to forego the hospital and instead select a CIS imaging center.

A trusted partner in diagnostic imaging

Our brands have earned the respect and trust of hundreds of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, podiatrists and other health care providers. CIS is often called on by the medical community to conduct clinical trials for research organizations and teaching institutions such as Louisiana State University (LSU) and Tulane University.

Currently, Capitol Imaging Services manages centers from Texas to Florida. Our website can help identify the center that is most convenient for you.

For those who have chosen a Capitol Imaging Services facility, we thank you and look forward to serving you again. For those who have not yet visited us, we invite you to come and have your very own CIS patient experience!

Michael Holmes, CMOMichael Holmes
Chief Growth Officer
Capitol Imaging Services